The Expeditionary Group (TEG), the center of gravity in TREK OPS, is a highly skilled unit that works diligently and safely to support Experts in the field and to lead adventures and explorations.

Going 110% during their expeditions is critical for TEG. The Group is organized in small teams of 12 men/women a.k.a. A-Teams.

Each member of a TREK OPS A-Team is specially trained and cross-trained in different disciplines. Their specialities include:


+Land Navigation
+Video and Still Photography

+Wilderness Survival
+Treasure Hunting
+Field Research
+Off Road/4x4
+And many more


An Explorer or Adventurer leads the 12-person A-Team, second in command is usually a Master Scout. Capabilities of the highly-versatile A-Team include:


+The ability to plan and conduct expeditions separately or as part of a larger organization

+Develop, organize, equip, train and advise or direct outside organizations or efforts in adventures and explorations

+Train, advise and assist academic institutions, tribal governments, local and federal government agencies such as the Forest Service and BLM, and private individuals and groups

+Support Search and Rescue operations

+Plan and conduct unilateral TREK OPS adventures and explorations.


The TREK OPS A-Team structure usually consists of the following


+Team Leader
+Assistant Team Leader
+Operations Officer
+Medical/Safety Officer (Medical Doctor or EMT Certified)

+Engineering Officer
+TEG Scouts
+TEG Adventurers
+TEG Explorers


These teams can change according to the type of expedition or adventure.